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Step 1

Click on the "Client Log-In" button on the Monarch or Viceroy web pages (pictured below). This will take you to the ALF log-in page.

Step 2

Once you are on the ALF website, fill in the username and password that we supplied to you. 

If 3 or more days have past since you registerd and you do not have your username and password, contact Gloria at 403.606.2503

Step 3

If the information you entered is correct, viceroy will send a text to your registered phone number with a seven-digit two factor authentication code. Enter the code in the box provided

Viceroy TFA text message code


Alf TFA Code box

Step 4

After you have successfully entered the code sent to your phone, you will be directed to the ALF Home Screen. All of your virtual minute books will show on this screen. On the left hand side, click on the hyperlink that says “AB Corporations” to see the list of your corporations maintained by Viceroy Business Services.

Step 5

Once you've clicked the hyperlink, find the corporation that you wish to access (if you have multiple) and procede to the next screen.

The account that we used for this demonstration has many corporations listed, which is private information, so they are censored.

Step 6

The next page you will see provides you with a quick list of all of the viable information you may need pertaining to your minute book.

For this demonstration, we have created a demo coproration. the information in this corporation is for demonstration purposes only.

Step 7

To access the virtual virsion of your minute book, click the tab at the top of the screen.

Step 8

The page you are brought to is your virtual minute book. all the pages of your physical minute book are sorted and listed here, and you can click on them to open them.

You're all set!

You now know all the basics of how to use and access your virtual minute book!

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